Project in collaboration with Marble-Fairbanks Architects

Marble-Fairbanks and Front designed an all-glass student center on the Columbia University campus. Their MEP Engineers advised them that atleast 80% of direct solar radiation through the roof needed to be eliminated for spacial comfort, while keeping the quality of light high.

By cross-linking rhino script, ecotect, processing and excel, we developed an automated method that would analyse and create coated aluminum roof panels to meet this criteria.

The shape of the panels is derived by the main sun vectors acting upon the roof during solar exposure. In ecotect, we created a tool that would determine, how much area of each of the panel’s faces needed to be opened to reduce 80% of DSR. Then, using processing, we mapped an image of the sky onto the roof area and allocated the desired amount of holes throughout the roof based on the brightness values of each of the pixels in the image.

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